Delicate Gentle Russia

Earlier this week, in the post Humanity Top Trumps I was suggesting we could make good use for a ranking system to determine whose rights were more important in a given situation.

One of those situations involved women’s rights Vs. religious rights. In that instance it looks like, probably, women’s rights will trump religious rights, and rightly so. But it looks like, religious rights will trump the rights of people who don’t believe, at least in Russia.

It’s refreshing because Russia is stereotypically viewed as being rough and tough and this shows they have a gentle side. A gentle side which throws people in jail to prevent “offending believers’ feelings” .

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“Honour Killings” Film wins Oscar

In certain cultures it’s a-okay to kill girls for a perceived slight on their family’s honour. It might be for something like getting raped.

The film A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness tells the story of a girl who went against her family’s wishes regarding her choice of husband. The really amazing part is that after surviving the attack she went to the police and they helped. Part of the problem is that it is so ingrained in certain parts that the police themselves may be sympathetic to the murderous family.

It doesn’t just happen in Pakistan though. It can happen wherever people are viewed as property but is most often perpetrated against women who refuse arranged marriages or who choose relationships contrary to their families religious beliefs.